"Our Community Is In Need... We Need Our Community"

The last couple of years has not been easy for any of us, as families struggle to pay bills, and businesses attempt to adapt to the restrictions and keep their doors open. With all this uncertainty, stress rises, anxiety increases, and mental health for many people has reached an extreme threshold.

Our Mission

Our community is in crisis as we continue to lose loved ones in their struggle with mental health and addiction. We desperately need to come together as a community to bring support, acceptance, and awareness to mental health and the negative effects COVID-19 has had on our friends, family, and ourselves. This FREE online platform will provide those in need with support tools, resources, education and much needed “connection”

Have Some Questions? This should Help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeConnect?

WeConnect is a wellness initiative aimed at bringing help virtually through online workshops and sessions to those who struggle with mental health and addiction. Our objective is to is to create needed connections in the form of support, conversation, education and a community effort to help people with their struggles.

How Are Sessions Held?

All sessions and workshops are held through the We Connect Facebook page. Meeting links will be posted on our page and the Love My Mind social media accounts.

Who's Involved?

WeConnect has a team of experts that include, mental health experts, outreach workers, local counselors, public speakers and business advocates. You can learn more about our presenting partners by clicking the button below. 

Can Users participate anonymously?

Users can choose to participate in our online workshops. Users can also reserve spots and participate in our online sessions 100% anonymously if they decide to do so.

Allan Kehler

Out From The Shadows Consulting

Kristin Smith

Applied Psychology And Counselling

Wellness Speaker Profiles

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Never Miss A Session!

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