Welcoming our Newest Chapter...

Love My Mind Alberta

We would like to personally thank all of our wonderful advocates, volunteers, ambassadors and corporate sponsors right here in Saskatoon and across Canada for their ongoing support. Without you none of this would have been possible!

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A little bit about us...

Edwin Maier is our reason for getting involved with mental health. When we said goodbye to him in June of 2006, we played Emerson Drive’s song, “A Good Man” at his funeral. He was all of these things and more and when the radio puts this song on, we know it’s him checking in on us.

“I wanna be the one When all is said and done Who lived a good life, loved a good wife, and always helped someone in trouble On the day they lay me down Want everyone to gather ’round And say he was a father, brother, neighbour and a friend He was a good man!

When I’m gone, I wanna leave a legacy Of love and laughs and honesty behind me”

Ed was a son, a brother, a best friend to all, OUR DAD, and for a very short time, a grandpa. He struggled with addiction and depression for most of his adult life and unfortunately was taken from us way too soon.

Mental health struggles are everywhere, we see them in our own lives and in the lives of family, friends, and strangers around us. The death of our father contributed to our own personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and suicide and although we continue to forge ahead, our own mental health, like everyone else’s, is always a work in progress. It is a journey. And we know that in order to be strong for ourselves, one another, and now our children, we need to break the silence.

We have learned over time that the more we talk and share our stories, the more comfort we bring to others needing to share as well. For the past fifteen years, the four of us have all tried to find a way to give back and be a part of a positive change in this crisis that continues to affect our loved ones.

Love My Mind, the Anderson Family, and our drive to grow this wellness initiative, has provided us the opportunity to facilitate, support, encourage, and spread awareness of all of these struggles that our community continues to deal with. We agree with the Anderson’s in saying “we know that we will not save the world, so let’s just start with one life…”, because that one life, that one person, means the world to someone else.

We honour our father’s legacy every day with love and laughs, and now with Love My Mind AB, we are committing to honouring his legacy with honesty. We miss you dad!

Jamie, Lindsay, Stephanie, & Chloe